Portable Offices

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From small temporary mine site facilities to large permanent office complexes.. With today's rapidly changing economy and emerging opportunities, companies often face sudden pressure to house expanding or remote personnel. AWT can help you meet these changing needs quickly and conveniently with an innovative creative portable office solution that won't compromise your business or workplace environment. AWT portable offices are fully BCA compliant and engineered to withstand the harshest environments, a safe secure and comfortable working environment for mining personnel and visitors.

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Portable Homes


Portable accommodation facilities in remote areas require buildings designed and built to meet the environmental conditions of the area.

AWT specializes in providing remote personnel camps to the construction and resource industries, manufactured to your specific needs with quick turnaround. Designed for functionality and durability, AWT accommodation buildings are designed with the comfort of your personnel in mind. Quality is built into every factory built building.

AWT provides all the comforts of home even in harsh climates and remote locations.

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Portable Toilets


Years of experience in portable ablutions, Toilets and changerooms, AWT delivers robust construction, efficient designs and quality fittings and finishes. Together with the cost efficiencies of high volume, and modern production techniques, a portable toilet or ablution solution from AWT makes sound business sense.
We offer a range of sizes and configurations,
engineered for cyclonic and non-cyclonic areas,
Seamless non-slip Vinyl floor Covering
Stainless or chrome fittings
Heavy duty ventilation systems
Single-point utility connections
For greater efficiency, durability and comfort.

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